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SADLY THERE IS A BOWFIN SHORTAGE SO WE ARE OUT OF STOCK. This is the ultimate on-the-table-condiment.  An everyday caviar.  Slap it on anything and everything. This roe comes from the Bowfin fish (AKA Chopique) and is farmed in Louisiana.  Small black pearls with an earthy and salty flavor.  We love it on pizza! 


Fine Print Logistcal Fun Stuff:

*Overnight Shipping will automatically calculate in your basket

*If you don't want to pay for shipping, you can come into our store at 110 Meridian St. East Boston. We are open everyday from 9AM-8PM

*We ship out on Tuesdays + Thursdays only

*Tuesday shipment orders will arrive on Wednesday and must be in by Monday 3PM

*Thursday shipment orders will arrive on Friday and must be in by Wednesday 3PM

*Please order knowing that delays do happen! Plan ahead so that you have your caviar in time. 

*We will provide you with a tracking #

*Caviar is good for 3 months, unopened in the fridge (expiration date is stickered at the bottom of each tin)

*Caviar is good for about a week once opened


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