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From the Giaveri's: A cute little husband + wife duo in Treviso, Italy. This gorgeous sturgeon is earthy + buttery.  Wonderful on cacio e pepe, pizza, carbonara or classic blinis with creme fraiche + the fixins!


Fine Print Logistcal Fun Stuff:

*Overnight Shipping will automatically calculate in your basket

*If you don't want to pay for shipping, you can come into our store at 110 Meridian St. East Boston. We are open everyday from 9AM-8PM

*We ship out on Tuesdays + Thursdays only

*Tuesday shipment orders will arrive on Wednesday and must be in by Monday 3PM

*Thursday shipment orders will arrive on Friday and must be in by Wednesday 3PM

*Please order knowing that delays do happen! Plan ahead so that you have your caviar in time. 

*We will provide you with a tracking #

*Caviar is good for 3 months, unopened in the fridge (expiration date is stickered at the bottom of each tin)

*Caviar is good for about a week once opened

Italian Siberian Sturgeon

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